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The 100% PP non woven fabric adopting new anti-UV PP, it has high UV and anti-aging properties. After directly adding raw materials, it can effectively prevent the surface of polypropylene non-woven fabric from darkening due to material aging.

Pp Nonwoven fabric anti-UV range can be 1% -5%, the anti-aging period can be under the sunshine environment. for 1 -2 years.

Anti-uv nonwoven fabrics Mainly used for agricultural cover / greening / fruit cover /weed control

Non-woven fabrics have many different grams( thickness) and different functions of protection, heat preservation, and penetration (avoidance) of light.
Spunbond nonwoven fabric has good toughness, soft hand feeling, large air permeability, high waterproof and good strength.


Made from 100% Polypropylene / 2%~5% anti-UV , longer lifespan / Good strength and elongation / Soft feeling,nontextile,exo-friendly and recyclable / Moth-proof , weed control

Advantage of Anti-UV feature:

1.Nonwoven with anti-uv feature protect fruit from direct sunlight and birds pecking.

2. It has the wet strength that can withstand wind and rain;

3. Effectively shorten the growth time and greatly increase the yield;

4. No pesticides or any other chemicals are sprayed on the bag, which is environmentally friendly and zero-pollution;

5. Various features you can requre to add to fabric: anti-ultraviolet (1%-5%),

6. Light weight, pp faric made fruit bags are reusable.


Gardening,Packaging industries,Agriculture and lanscape industries

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