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Flame retardant

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Flame-retardant finishing is also called fireproof finishing. The finished fabric is not easy to burn and extinguishes fire. It is achieved by adding flame retardants.

For flame retardants to be used on non-woven fabrics, they must meet the following conditions:

①Low toxicity, high efficiency and long-lasting, which can make the products meet the requirements of flame retardant standards;

②Good thermal stability, low smoke generation, and can meet the requirements of non-woven fabrics;

③Do not significantly reduce the original performance of the nonwoven fabric;

④ The price is low, which is conducive to reducing costs.


Made from 100% Polypropylene / Good strength and elongation / Soft feeling,nontextile,exo-friendly and recyclable / Moth-proof , Flame retardant


1. Various colors for customer choose.Soft feel, excellent elasticity, good moisture absorption.

2, the use of natural flame retardant fiber, and no drip phenomenon. It has long-term self-extinguishing effect

3, the formation of dense carbonization layer during combustion. Low in carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, only a small amount of harmless smoke

4, stable acid and alkali resistance, harmless, do not produce any chemical action. ◆ Children's toys and family mattress textiles.

◆ Decorative fabrics for transportation and public places.

◆ Lining of overalls, fireproof clothing and heat-proof clothing.

Outerwear and underwear for military and industrial use.


Flame-retardant non-woven products are mainly used in the following areas.

(1) For indoor and cabin decoration, such as curtains, curtains, carpets, seat covers and interior paving materials.

(2) Used as bedding, such as mattresses, bedspreads, pillows, cushions, etc.

(3) For wall decoration and other flame-retardant sound insulation materials in entertainment venues.

Following is the hot sale spc :

Flame retardant nonwoven fabric / Color : White/Black/Various colors / Weight :100gsm / Width: 2.0m / Length: 200m/roll / Main usage:The curtain

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